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Safety Priority #1

Construction is a high-risk industry and roofing is one of the most dangerous trades, primarily due to falls. At Sentry Roofing, Inc. we promote an aggressive approach to safety for our crews to protect them, your staff, the public and your facility.

Developing a safe working attitude begins on day one for every Sentry employee. Every crewman has completed an OSHA 10 hour safety training and all foremen/supervisors have completed both the 10 hour and 30 hour OSHA training courses to prepare them for the construction environment. Once in the field that commitment to safety continues with daily reinforcement from the foremen, project superintendents and office. Periodic refresher courses are provided to all employees for specific topics relating to the roof top environment such as warning line placement, use of ropes and harnesses or personal safety equipment. Seasonal training is provided for varying environmental conditions such as heat stroke, hydration, frost and slick roof surfaces, etc. Unique conditions present at a job site are addressed prior to project start to develop site specific safety plans.

duro-last-flat-roof-installation-danville-il-commercial-mervis-industries An important part of safety management is knowing the safety standards your firm employs and if they differ from our normal procedures. Before a project begins we will request a pre-construction conference to confirm job-site requirements and safety standards you wish us to follow. We are working for you and your standards will be strictly adhered to. A construction site is an ever changing environment, whether new construction or a simple re-roof. Daily job-site safety checks are completed by the on-site senior foreman to ensure safety requirements are being met daily. Daily inspections are done by checklist and documented. In addition, job-sites are inspected and evaluated by office project managers for safety compliance and quality workmanship. As a result of our long term commitment to safety Sentry has compiled an outstanding safety record and an exceptionally low work-comp modifier. The result of an aggressive approach to safety is a safe working environment, project savings from reduced insurance rates, a confident, efficient work force and peace of mind for you.


Sentry takes safety seriously for our employees, your staff and customers, and the protection of your facility.