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Commercial Roofing Contractor Decatur, IL

Roof Repair Decatur, IL

Sentry Roofing Inc specializes in repair and re-roofing your business or facility.  We work hard to keep things as quiet as possible so we don’t distract the day to day to operations as well as complete the project quickly with limited distractions.  Safety is a major priority and ensures only the highest quality work is done for you and your facility. If you are looking for roof repair in Decatur, IL, Sentry Roofing Inc. would love to be your go to contractor. Give us a call for estimates and check out our testimonials and completed projects.

Roof Servicing Decatur, IL

Sentry Roofing Inc has the knowledge and experience to deliver efficient and cost effective roofing solutions in many different ways.  Whether you are in need of an entire roof replacement, small roof leak repair, or are just looking for preventative maintenance, Sentry Roofing Inc is your best bet in the Midwest.

Roof Leak Repair Decatur, IL

If your roof is leaking, there are so many things that could go badly in a hurry.  Water damage can ruin a lot of things, so make sure to get it repaired as quickly as possible.  If you’re in Decatur, IL, Sentry Roofing will help you avoid the cost of a complete new roof.  Let our roofing experts provide a professional, reliable and water tight repair for your business.