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Commercial Roofing Contractor Indianapolis, IN

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Commercial Roofing Indianapolis, IN

You reach a point with your businesses roof where repairing just becomes too expensive and too much of a responsibility.  The good part about buying a commercial roof is that there are plenty of new technologies out that make this a very simple process.  Sentry offers an easy solution to understand with evaluations and quotes.  Click above for more information on how to purchase a new business roof or for a free evaluation.

Duro-Last Roofing System Indianapolis, IN

Duro-last is the industry leader in prefabricated roofing systems.  Duro-Last roofs are built to fit your building so there is less waste, easier installation, and less time for installation.  If you’d like to read more information about how efficient these roofing systems are click above.

Industrial Roofing Contractor Indianapolis, IN

A flat roof is one of the most efficient and affordable roofs on the market currently.  Without a pitch like traditional roofing, there is less material needed, less time installing, and sometimes are even used for living spaces or extra area.  Sentry offers the best flat roofing option in the midwest and specializes in the prefabricated system Duro-Last. Give us a call for more information or for estimates on your building!