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Commercial Leak & Repair Service

Your commercial roof system is an enormous asset and a vital component to your buildings structure. Taking care of roof leaks and issues quickly and correctly will greatly extend the life of your roof, which can end up saving you thousands of dollars long-term! Sentry Roofing is your source for commercial roofing repairs. Our experienced service technicians are trained to repair any type of roof system.

What sets Sentry Roofing apart for your commercial roof repair:

  • Knowledge: Our service professionals have extensive experience and the technology to pinpoint the source of your roof leak. We know that uninterrupted operations are important to our customers, so repairing roof leaks properly the first time has always been a top priority for Sentry.
  • Response: We understand that some commercial roof repairs cannot wait. Your emergency is our emergency.
  • Communication: You will receive notification of service, estimated times of arrival and when our technicians are on the job and working.
  • Business as usual: Our fully equipped repair teams repair the problem without interrupting your normal business operations.
  • Expertise beyond the roof: Many leaks are not caused directly by a defective roof. Our repair technicians are trained to find leaks caused by HVAC, skylights, windows, siding, masonry, stucco, and condensation.
  • Before and after photos: You will receive photos of the roof defect or problem area along with photos of the repair we made.
  • Follow-up: After the repair has had an opportunity to be weather tested, we will call you to ensure your satisfaction and make sure the roof repair is performing.
  • The Next Step: After we have made the necessary repairs to get the situation under control, if needed we will help you determine the best long-term roof options.

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