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Commercial and Industrial Roofing Systems

With over 30 years of experience installing and repairing all forms of flat and low-slope roofing systems, Sentry Roofing has the expertise to get the job done right.  When you combine Sentry’s professional installation teams with the industry’s top rated manufacturers you receive a long-term proven roof installation second to none.  Our goal is simple – help you forget you own a roof.

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems Sentry Installs:


There are several commercial roofing options, and each system has distinctive attributes and benefits. With the help of our knowledgeable and trusted representatives, we are confident that we will find the perfect solution for your roofing needs.

PVC is a proven, time tested commercial roofing product. All the seams are heat welded for long-term performance. The reinforced membrane has excellent puncture and chemical resistance. White PVC is highly reflective, which dramatically reduces roof surface temperatures and greatly aids in reducing energy costs. Also, PVC is inherently recyclable –perhaps more than any other building material. Most PVC membranes are mechanically-attached using fasteners and plates, though fully-adhered PVC roofing systems using adhesives are occasionally installed.

Metal Retrofit roofing systems provide building owners with metal roofs a long-term, energy-efficient re-roofing solution. The metal retrofit roofing system is a cost-effective, maintenance-free solution to protect older metal building against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up, and rust and corrosion.

TPO is a frequently used commercial roofing product that is presently experiencing significant growth within the roofing industry primarily due to its lower initial product cost and white membrane properties.  A reflective white TPO roof provides cooler roof surface temperatures reducing energy costs and helping to cool the building. Roof seams are heat welded for long-term performance. TPO roofing systems are commonly installed using both mechanically fastened and fully-adhered installations methods.

EPDM is a rubber roofing system. Historically, EPDM has been a popular choice in commercial roofing due to its availability and initial low installation cost effectiveness. EPDM is primarily a black roofing product. Rubber roofing seams are secured using either seam tape or adhesive. EPDM roofing systems are commonly installed using both mechanically fastened and fully-adhered installations methods.

Roof Coatings can be a good solution for protecting and extending the life of an existing flat, low-slope or metal roof system. Elastomeric Coated roofs are cost effective, efficient, and easy to install.