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6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Article Posted On: Feb 01, 2018 | Written By: Sentry Roofing
Commercial Roofing Contractors

If you are having a commercial building constructed, your general contractor will be hiring a commercial roofing contractor he normally works with. However if you need commercial roofing replacement or repair and must choose a commercial contractor yourself, there are several steps you can take to optimize your investment and make your choice trouble free.

[1] Choose Only a Roofing Company Licensed to Work on Commercial Buildings

Start by contacting the building department in your city or county. Ask for a list of roofing contractors that are licensed to work on commercial buildings.

Although the people in the planning department are very familiar with roofing contractors in your area, it is highly unlikely they will recommend a particular contractor to you. For this, you will have to do some investigation into the roofing contracting companies.

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[2] Make an Initial Contact Each Company and Get an Initial Impression

Know what type of roof your building has – metal retrofit roof, low-sloped roof, flat roof or whatever. Ask each company if they do commercial roofing repairs on this type of roof. Make a note of the following aspects of this initial communication:
  • Who answers the phone?
  • Are they courteous?
  • If you have to leave a message, do they get back to you in a reasonable time?
  • Are they helpful?
  • Are they willing to stay on the phone with you (or get back with you) to answer all your questions satisfactorily?
  • Do they indicate that they have the time and manpower to tackle your job when you need it done?
  • If so, how soon can they come to your building to meet with you?
  • Who are they going to send to meet with you?
  • What is his title and position in the company?
  • How long will it take to get a detailed estimate of the work that must be done?

[3] Meeting with the Roofing Company's Representative

When the time comes for the face to face meeting, pay attention to the following aspects of your meeting:

  • Does the representative arrive on time? If not, did he give you a valid reason for being late? Did he call to reschedule?
  • Does the representative take plenty of time to examine the roof to discover what needs to be done?
  • Does he seem knowledgeable and willing to take the time necessary to explain what is involved to solve your roofing problem?
  • Do you communicate well and feel comfortable asking this person questions?
  • Does he have any literature that tells you more about his company?
  • Does he sound like a used car salesman, trying to rush you into a deal before you understand the terms?
  • Can he supply you with references from work done recently and in past years?
  • Does he seem comfortable with you contacting these references?
  • Do you detect any red flags in your conversation that need further investigation?

[4] Ask for a Detailed Written Estimate

Chances are the roofer or his representative will not give you a written estimate on the spot. Instead, he will go back to his office to draw up an estimate and contract.

Let the representative know that you want an itemized, detailed bid so that you know exactly what is included in the price. If he promises anything verbally during your meeting, ask to have that included in the bid and/or contract. With this type of documentation, you will be able to compare each company’s bid.

[5] Don't...

* Don’t hire a commercial roofing contractor that Doesn’t Communicate Well

If the company owner or representative does not answer your questions clearly, think twice about hiring them.

Furthermore, if their written communication, such as the bid and contract, are not clear and detailed, you will not know what you are getting for your money.

* Don’t Judge the Company by How Quickly They Can Get the Job Done

Some roofers work fast but the quality is not very good. Other roofers take more time and their quality can be significantly better.

If you have an emergency, such as a water leak, a good roofer will take that into account and make that repair ASAP. However if the roofing work is not urgent, don’t base your decision to hire a roofer just because he will do the job faster than the others.

* Don’t Judge the Roofing Company Based on Their Price

A good rule of thumb is you get what you pay for. The company with the cheapest price might not include all the work that a more expensive company will include. Furthermore, the cheaper company might be desperate for work because their poor quality or service does not encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

You don’t have to take the lowest or the highest bid to find a company that is right for your situation.

The best way to find the greatest value for your money is to know exactly what you want done. Then find a company that:

  • communicates well verbally and in writing
  • gives you a reasonable time frame for the completion of the work
  • has references that check out positively
  • has a price that is within the ballpark of all the other roofers who bid for the job
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[6] Consider a Local Reputable Company

Sentry Roofing is a great choice when hiring a commercial roofing contractor with years of experience. Their workers are honest, courteous and thorough. The job will be completed exactly as specified in the contract.

If your building is in the Indiana or Illinois area, give Sentry Roofing a call at 1-800-446-2133 or fill out the contact form and let them take care of you.

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