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The most important decision you face for roof repairs or roof replacement is the selection of a contractor.

The contractor is your business partner whose purpose is to help you manage one of the most expensive and critical elements of your facility – your rooftop.

Your roof system protects what you value most – your business, staff, inventory, equipment and clients.

Caring for your rooftop and helping you gain the longest possible service life with the fewest problems along the way is an important job.

With proper maintenance years can be added to the life of your roof, and when replacement is required, selecting the best system for your facility will be a valuable asset for years into the future.

Are They Knowledgeable, Friendly & Professional?

The materials for the project are important but are not the key issue.

You aren’t buying a “roof” or “repair” – you are hiring a professional to analyze your existing roof system and building structure, develop an intelligent, cost effective solution specific to your facility, then supply and install a top quality, long lasting roof system or repair.

And you’re trusting the contractor to operate with integrity and provide courteous, knowledgeable field crews that will complete the job professionally, on time, and without disrupting your business operations or staff.

Verify They Have Proper Licenses & Insurance

Verify the contractor is licensed by the city, county and state, if required, and that they are adequately insured for the work contemplated.

It is recommended to request a certificate of insurance and verify with the agent that insurance is in full force and effect. You may also wish to have your company listed as a named insured on the certificate.

Do They Provide Detailed Proposals?

Prospective contractors should spend time on the rooftop and prepare a detailed proposal outlining the existing roof conditions, a specific plan for the work needed, a time frame for execution and costs to complete the work.

Are There Expected Change Orders?

You may wish to ask if change orders are expected on the project.

There are contractors who offer a low price up front, then add on unexpected charges during the project.

Ask for References... and Ask them Questions

Ask for references and if possible, take the time to call a few to verify contractor performance.

Questions you may ask a referral could be:

  • Were there unexpected change orders adding to project cost?
  • Were the crews courteous and professional?
  • Was the work completed in a timely fashion?
  • Were there problems during construction, and if so, were they resolved to the owner’s complete satisfaction?
  • Was the job site kept clean and neat during construction and was the site clean when they finished?
  • Have there been any service issues after completion and if so, were they resolved promptly?
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Ask the Contractor Qualifying Questions

Ask questions to help determine the quality of the contractor, experience, and the contractor’s field crews.

You may inquire how long they have been in business, what recognition they have received from roof manufacturers, if their crews are employees or subcontractors and how they resolve a problem should one occur.

Clear Work Expectations & Time Frame

Expect a detailed, clearly written proposal. The proposal should explain existing roof conditions and detail all work to be done, exact materials to be used, disposal of debris, and sample manufacturer warranty with all terms.

You should be given an expected start date and time for project to be completed.

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"You Get What You Pay For"

Something to consider is the adage “You get what you pay for”.

In roofing services, whether involving simple repairs or a complex re-roofing project, the company with the cheapest price may turn out to be the most expensive choice in the long run.

A top quality roofing system installed by a courteous and knowledgeable contractor may cost more up front, but save in maintenance costs and provide a longer service life.

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Ready to get started?

At Sentry we stand ready to demonstrate the value and quality we have brought to every roofing installation completed in our 35 year history.

Year after year three fourths of our annual business volume comes from repeat clients – that is possible only with consistent service, courteous and competent installation teams, fair prices, and a focused drive to keep our client’s best interests at the forefront of all we do.

How may we best serve you?

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