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Cool Roofing

Cool Roofing Systems for Energy Efficiency & Temperature Control


Cool Roofing Systems

Energy costs continue to escalate with no end in sight, and this trend is largely responsible for driving a significant market shift toward energy-efficient roofing systems.

Keep your building and inhabitants safe and secured with eco-friendly and temperature safe cool roofing membrane systems.

Save on energy and maintenance costs with a cool roof and increase the production of workers in commercial and industrial facilities.

Discover how Sentry Roofing can decrease your buildings energy usage and cool down your staff and interior with cool roofing systems.

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What Will Be the Real Cost of My Roofing System?

Initial Cost vs. Life Cycle Costs

In many cases, the least expensive roof can end up costing you much more in the long run. 

That’s why it’s critical to compare installation costs with the long-term expenses associated with different roof systems. 

Choosing a roof system simply on the initial expense may result in higher maintenance costs, increased energy usage and a shorter roof life.

Going Green with a Cool Roofing Solution

  • Cool roofs are effective in virtually all climates. Building owners in some areas have seen a 35% reduction in energy consumption during peak times of the year after installing reflective roofing systems.
  • In non-conditioned space, reflective roofing can reduce workspace heat, improving working conditions and increasing employee productivity.
  • A Sentry Roofing installed cool roofing membrane reflects damaging ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun that are absorbed by other systems. Penetrating UV and IR rays can degrade the effectiveness of insulation and other building components — often leading to higher operating and maintenance costs.
  • When placed on rooftops with reflective membranes, HVAC units have a smaller “degree difference” of the air they need to cool because the ambient temperature is lower than on dark-colored roof surfaces. This decreases the cooling load as well as unit wear and corresponding maintenance costs. A Sentry installed cool roofing solution may also enable the use of smaller, lower-cost HVAC units.
White Equals Green Roofing Brochure
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"Our cooling bills are down because of that white roof installation on it… all in all our building is more comfortable. I can really tell when I go up into the ceiling to work on things. It’s not nearly as hot. There isn’t as much heat gain having that white roof on there compared to the black roof we had on there before."

- Fred A., Facilities Director

Are High Energy Costs Making You See Red?

One of the fundamental reasons for high utility costs is a non-reflective roofing system. 

The infrared image here shows the white Duro-Last roofing sections remain cool while the rubber, gravel surfaced built-up and modified roofing sections are all hotter than the asphalt pavement! 

The Duro-Last roofs are 40° to 70° cooler – improving efficiency of rooftop a/c units, reducing heat penetrating the building envelope, and significantly reducing cooling costs.

Take a look at the White = Green brochure by Sentry Roofing and Duro-Last

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Aerial view thermal imaging of rooftop heat levels
Infrared image of heat levels
Thermal / Heat Level Scale
Temp gauge

Cool Roofing System Installation Service Area

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