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Metal Retrofit Roofing

Replace your Metal Roofing system with a durable Retrofit Roofing System

Repair or Re-Roof?

As many of you know, the maintenance of metal buildings and roofs, particularly in the Midwest is challenging due to rain, temperature changes, and ice buildup, which can result in corrosion and interior leaks. 

Additional damage to the metal roof is caused by constant movement of the metal due to temperature related expansion and contraction. If such damage is left unaddressed, leaks may damage inventory, equipment or supplies and be a hazard to staff, possibly causing major disruption or cost to your business.

Allow us to inspect your roof to prevent a failure or leak from causing an unplanned interruption to your business. We will inspect your facility to determine the nature of the problems, and help you determine what course of action may be needed, whether repair or re-roofing.

Metal roof before retrofit installation in Danville IL at the Crossroads Christian Church
Duro-Last Metal retrofit roof overview in Danville IL at Crossroads Christian Church
Metal roof stack before retrofit in Taylorville IL at Commercial Watson Foods
Metal roof stack after retrofit in Taylorville IL at Commercial Watson Foods

How Metal Retrofit Roofing Works

Metal retrofit roofing involves the installation of infill, then an overlay of insulation to create a flat surface for the single-ply roofing membrane. This process adds insulation value and avoids the high cost and risk of exposing your building and operations to “blue sky” by removing and replacing the existing metal. 

The flexible single-ply membrane covers your existing metal roof, providing a dry, sound roof system. Also, an expertly installed membrane protects your metal roof from further corrosion.

This proven system provides a cost-effective, long-term means to end roof leaks and provides energy savings as a secondary, financial benefit to your business. Additionally, we have custom prefabricated flashings and deck sheets available to reduce on site labor, leaving more of your capital investment in the roof system, not in labor that drives away after your project is completed.

Allowing Sentry to install a membrane metal retrofit roof will reduce maintenance costs over time and are backed by manufacturer warranties to provide ease of mind in your investment.

Protect your facility, business, staff and clients with a contractor team you can trust!