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Roof System Warranties

Commercial & Industrial Roofing System Warranties

Warranty Information

All new commercial & industrial roofing systems installed by Sentry Roofing come standard with a basic 15 year warranty. Extended, Ultra & Supreme Warranties are also available depending on the roofing system and individual manufacture terms & conditions.

Duro Last - Commercial Roofing Repair
Firestone Building Products
GAF Materials - Commercial Roofing Repair

Warranty Samples by Duro-Last

Duro-last offers 15, 20, 25 & 30 year NDL* warranties on roof systems.

View all Warranties by Duro-Last

*NDL – No Dollar Limit Warranty (Covers Labor & Materials)

Warranty Samples by Firestone

Firestone offers 5-20, 25 & 30 year warranties on roof systems.

View all Warranties by Firestone

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