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School - Commercial Roofing Contractors Lebanon, IN

Over the past 23 years, the Metropolitan School District of Warren County has been a customer of Sentry Roofing, Inc. It has been an excellent working relationship with Sentry, due to their great customer service, workmanship and quality products. The best attribute of Sentry Roofing is their customer service and relentless desire to make sure that the customer is satisfied. They are very quick to respond and always do quality work.

Ralph Shrader

Superintendent, MSD of Warren County

Duro Last - Commercial Roof Contractors Chicago, IL

Since Sentry installed our roof 19 years ago we have not had a single issue with the roof system. On a couple occasions, we needed to make modifications to the roof and Sentry was there to immediately help. Based on my experience as a general contractor and owner I feel this is one of the very best roofing products in the industry and Sentry Roofing has earned my complete confidence with their professionalism and dedication to getting the job done right. I trust Sentry completely and will be having them install my next roof.

Scott Degraf

Owner & General Contractor – Heart of Chicago Motel

Flat Roofing Commercial Roofing Contractors Covington, Indiana

Safety is a top priority for Sentry – it’s the first thing I see at the job site. Making sure everything’s well marked off, roped off where it needs to be, everyone is where they need to be, all the lifting and hoisting is done properly, the roof is very clean at the job site no tools and clutter laying around. Everything’s in its proper place all the time

Jeff Coffing

Director of Maintenance, Covington Schools

Flat Roof - Commercial Roof Inspection

I will give Sentry absolutely 5 stars. These are the guys that need to do your roof. They know what they’re doing and they know how to put it up there. They care and they’re just nice people to work with.

John Benson

Facility Director, Bible Baptist Church

Commercial Roofing Indianapolis, IN
I have worked with a fair amount of commercial roofers over the years and I would put Sentry Roofing ahead of all of them. They have been my best experience with a roofing contractor without a doubt. When Sentry came to me, they said they would do a professional job and they could not have been more right.

Rob Albers

Project Manager, Horve Builders

Stone Creek Church Roof Repair
I have to really commend Sentry for the communication they had with us and the professionalism of the crew. I didn’t even know they were up there working half the time. They weren’t loud. They were professional. They cleaned up. They were always in contact with me. I trust Sentry. They stand behind their work 100%.

Jim Merz

Administrator, Stone Creek Church

Our cooling bills are down because of that white roof installation on it… all in all our building is more comfortable. I can really tell when I go up into the ceiling to work on things. It’s not nearly as hot. There isn’t as much heat gain having that white roof on there compared to the black roof we had on there before.

Fred A.

Facilities Director

The project Sentry Roofing installed was done at a price that was very competitive and performed by workmen that meticulously applied their skill and provided a finished project that exceeded my expectations. I never had to worry about anything!

Rob A.

Project Manager

“Wonderful Company!”

Donna Golladay

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