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Different Types of Metal Roofing



For some people, commercial metal roofing used to be synonymous with outdated tin roofs that are rustic and with ridges. 

The advances in design, technology, and construction, however, have eliminated these misconceptions. 

Such roofing types have become elegant and durable, which make them a popular choice among commercial building owners throughout Indiana & Illinois.

Different Types of Commercial Metal Roofs

There are many types of metal roofs, and some would even classify them based on the materials used in manufacturing. 

The following are different types of metal roofing that builders and building owners may want to know about to determine the best variety for their project:

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R-Panel Roofing

R-Panels are another metal roof type commonly used. These roof panels have a simple installation and repair process for experienced roofers. This cuts down on the labor cost to install this metal roof based on square foot. The easy process can present less time for workers to install it. 

It can contribute to the entire project to be less expensive than when another type is used. R-Panels are available in different colors, but they are prone to rust, just as with other metal roofs. Frequent painting or coating can help prevent the issue.

Corrugated Metal Sheets

Another type is this classic roof that is typically associated with shacks and barns. The style may be old-fashioned, but these original roofing systems are still well-liked today. Although they have been around for decades, corrugated metal panels have been modified and are often galvanized steel now. 

This type is a favorite commercial roofing option, particularly retail establishments, and restaurants because they create a timeless feel. This variety integrates fittingly with fiberglass skylight panels mainly because of their similar structural designs and patterns.

Corrugated Roofing Sheet

Architectural Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof is the third type, and it provides excellent wind uplift defense. 

It is also resistant to water and is much sturdier than the other kinds mentioned above. What gives it an edge is how the panels interlock in which they are tightly constructed. 

Additionally, they are sealed securely, so water cannot enter.

Determine the Roofing Material: Steel, Copper, or Aluminum?

Aside from choosing R-Panel, corrugated or standing seam metal roof, you will also have to determine the roofing material, which can be steel, copper, or aluminum.

Depending on the material used, some can be more durable or louder than others during rainfall or hail. More on this later.

Installing a Commercial Metal Roof

Installing a metal roof starts with taking the measurements of the area, including the slope of the roof and its square footage. The proper tools are needed before beginning with the project, such as a power metal shear, jigsaw, drill, drill bits, staple gun, and screws for the metal roof among others.

When the work site and the materials are ready, and the old roofing has been removed, here are the next steps to follow:

Install the eave flashing or edging, which is the metal strip that covers the roof. A 1¼-inch nail can be useful in securing the flashing.

Add the panels and make sure to start at the longest peak. Leave the first sheet of metal overhanging at the edge of the roof for at least ¾ of an inch.

Next step is to add the flashing, which is the metal trim that is positioned over the roof joints where different sections converge.

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Finish the process by ensuring the whole roof is covered with the new metal. There should also be no loose pieces and all edges are smooth.

It is acceptable not to remove the shingles since the roofing can be installed over them. However, the best foundation can be achieved when all the old roofing is removed.

Some people are worried about the metal roof cost of installation, which is why they perform the job themselves. However, it is still better to get a professional’s help to ensure the commercial roofing installation is a success.

Metal Roof vs Shingles & Other Types of Commercial Roofing

Shingles are often compared to metal roofs and they are the most prevalent roofing material in North America, including Indiana. Commercial building owners may want to know which type would prevail in the metal roof vs shingles battle. There are several factors to consider but metal roof, shingles, and the other types each have their own advantages.

Asphalt shingles are durable and inexpensive. There are also different colors and styles available. Installation is quick and they are suitable for different temperatures. Plus, they are dependable when it comes to waterproofing. On average, asphalt shingle roofs can last up to 20 years but temperatures and extreme sunlight can reduce the lifespan.

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Slate shingles use a more sophisticated material than asphalt. Their natural appearance can benefit the building owner if he or she is aiming to up the appeal of the roofing system. They are fire-resistant and they do not rot. Maintenance is easy and they can last up to 100 years.

Ceramic tiles are durable and are fire and fade-resistant. Quality tiles can last at least 50 years.

Just like the types above, metal roofing is also popularly used. These roofs have become viable and do not require heavy maintenance work. It is easy to install, especially the variety of installation options.

The metal roof cost will depend on varying circumstances, but can be quite expensive initially. However, because it is not demanding, is durable, and has a long life expectancy, it is considered a good investment. 

Slate shingles for roofing

Additional Benefits of Commercial Metal Roofing

LONG LASTING: The metal roof can last as long as the house if it is correctly installed.

DURABLE: It can seal out water, survive strong winds, and can shed snow easily.

RESISTANT: Metal can resist insects, rot, mildew, and fire.

LIGHTWEIGHT: It is lightweight as per square can only be around 50 to 150 pounds compared to tiles that are 750 pounds per square.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Builders can retrofit metal roofing, which can be beneficial since it allows other operations to continue, reuses the existing insulation, and reduces landfill waste.

Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing does have plenty of advantages, but it is not perfect and can have some drawbacks. Apart from the initial cost, it can be noisy, especially during rainy days. It can be even louder in a hailstorm, but the noise can also be controlled. Some types are also prone to denting, such as copper and aluminum.

At the same time, installing a metal roof, or retrofitting an existing metal roof can be less of a total cost than other types of roofing systems.

Consider the pros and cons, along with the variety that comes with a metal roof system to determine whether it is the right type of roof for a particular building project.

Read our helpful article explaining why building owners choose metal roofs.

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