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Are you noticing issues with your roof?

If you’re seeing signs like ponding on your rooftop, you may need to consider whether it’s time to repair, restore or replace your commercial roof.

Through regular inspections and maintenance, you can greatly extend the life of your roof and catch problems before they become major issues.

1. Use of Building

The result of neglect on a damaged roof are the mass amount of consequential damages that may be incurred if the situation is not solved.

It is important to consider how much money you will save in comparison to the cost of the fix, as well as the compromised integrity of your building by leaving a damaged roof to wreak more havoc on the structure of your building.

Commercial Roof Leak

A commercial roof repair or replacement is the simple, and only, answer to a roof leak.

There is no warranty that exists that will cover the cost of personal, interior or product damages due to neglect of proper maintenance on your roof.

Consider the value of what is inside your building, and how important it is that the structure that is protecting it, is doing its job.

2. Structure 

Your roof is an integral part of your building. Sometimes, your roof can leak without causing damage to the walls or frames of your property.

But in other cases, your building won’t be able to withstand even minor leaks and issues without expensive repairs.

If you have been wondering “how often do I need to have a commercial roof inspection?”, the answer can depend largely on the age of your roof as well as your building.

Older buildings are more susceptible to costly damages even if the leak seems minor. 

Compare this to an old vehicle versus a new one. Forgetting to change the oil once or twice in new car isn’t recommended, but the car won’t suddenly stop working. Doing the same to an older, beat up vehicle, can cause irreparable damage.

Not managing your roof with repairs can lead to a complete commercial roof replacement.

Repair Restore Replace Commercial Roof

You can talk with Sentry Roofing, one of leading commercial roofing contractors, about what the best options for your specific roof deck and current roof system is. 

3. Location

The location of your building and the surrounding elements will help determine the best roof type for you.

Before you pay for roof restoration or replacement on your commercial building, make sure your inspector takes a look at your location.

Consider the potential issues and how they can be prevented based on the climate, surrounding trees, and other variables. Falling branches from tall trees or debris from other nearby buildings may cause additional damage.

Certain roof types may be be better for you, depending on your location. 

4. Business Plans

If you plan on staying in business at your location for any significant length of time, a commercial roof replacement is probably a worthwhile investment.

You’ll need a functional roof for decades to come, so the investment you make today can benefit your company’s future.

It can be difficult to answer the seemingly simple question “does my commercial roof need to be replaced?”

However, a professional who specializes in commercial roof repair and replacement can help you compare repair costs to a full replacement. 

While roof repair costs are initially the least expensive, over time the cost to repair can typically outweigh the cost to replace, depending on varying factors such as roof and building age, your time left in the building, and how often a repair is needed.

Is It Time To Repair Restore Or Replace Your Commercial Roof

An inspection from a roofing expert can give you more options on what price may actually be the cheaper option.

If your company is only going to be using the structure for a few more years, your decision comes down to basic cost-benefit analysis.

You have to keep the roof functioning well enough to keep your business open, but you may not want to invest more in the roof if your business plans on moving in a year or two.

Instead, you may want to stick to basic repairs and roof maintenance tasks.

5. Cash Availability

Finally, you need to determine the answer to, “when should I restore my commercial roof?” You need to determine if you can do the repairs without impairing the rest of your business operations.

Again, this is another step where a cost-benefit analysis would be useful. This will help you see if the costs of getting a commercial roof restoration are worth the benefits you receive.

If you can hold off on making the repairs or commercial roof replacement until your budget allows, you can base your purchase decisions on whether your business operations will be affected or not.

When it is completely impossible to continue business operations without necessary repairs, your company doesn’t get a choice in the matter.

If you have to repair the roof to conduct business, your company can’t afford to put off roof-related costs.

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Ready to Repair, Restore or Replace Your Commercial Roof?

There are plenty of signs you may need a commercial roof repair or restoration.

If water is ponding in places on your rooftop, it can lead to expensive commercial roof replacement costs.

Over time, roof-related issues can even damage the structure of your building, your equipment, and other materials.

If you need a commercial roof restoration, repairs, or a replacement, Sentry Roofing can help you. We’ve been providing top-rated commercial roofing services since 1984.

To schedule a commercial roof inspection or a consultation, call our experienced technicians today at (800) 446-2133!